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Financial Abundance Teleworkshop

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Increase Your Financial Abundance With Energetic NLP

Special Teleworkshop Series

Are you frustrated with your level of prosperity. or with how hard you have to work? No matter how hard you work, your unconscious beliefs, programming, and other people’s energies limit your prosperity. You deserve to be more successful with less struggle and effort! Beginning with the first session, you will immediately start releasing the blocks that have held you back. You will begin to let your inner wisdom and spirit guide more of your decisions, actions, and relationships with others. Your prosperity will begin to naturally increase. See what happens when you clear your energy and let your wisdom and spirit guide your life!

In these 4 powerful teleworkshops, you will immediately begin to release unconscious and energetic programming that limit your success, satisfaction, and contribution. You will learn how to strengthen your connection to your own inner wisdom and spirit, and how to use these facets of yourself to guide you decisions, actions, and relationships so that your prosperity will naturally increase.

Each session will build on the one before, making them progressively stronger and more effective.

There are 2 series:
Series A is in the evening in North America
Series B is in the evening in UK, Europe, and the Middle East

Series A:
North America on Thursday Nights
May 20, 27, and June 3, with a 4th booster session to be scheduled by the participants
7:00 pm Pacific Time/ 8:00 MT/ 9:00 CT/ 10pm ET
75 minutes
You can participate over the telephone or online.

Series B:
UK, Europe, and the Middle East on Wednesday nights
May 19, 26, and June 2, 4th booster session to be scheduled by the participants
7:30pm UK/ 8:30pm Europe/ 9:30pm Middle East
75 minutes
You can participate over the telephone or online.

Need to miss a session?
They will be recorded and you will be able to listen to them online at your convenience. And you will learn how to connect with the energy flows, even when you are listening to the recordings.

$190 for the 4 sessions
Each session will build on the one before with each successive session becoming stronger and more and more powerful.

If you sign up by midnight on Tuesday, you will save $70.00
All four sessions will be only $120.
To start enhancing your financial abundance now, and to receive your special discount, click now on the link below (discount absolutely ends at midnight on Sunday Tuesday).

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Not quite sure?
Let me take any risk out of it for you: if, by the end of session 2, you decide this workshop wasn’t for you, just ask for a refund.

Art Giser

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