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Here is the logistical information

1-4: 30 pm in B116 Highland Commons Bldg. at the University of Arizona.

Free Parking in the 6th St. Garage on 6th St.west of Highland Ave.

Highland Commons building is directly to the east of the garage, the room is located on the 1st floor in the southwest corner near the outside elevator.

For those who have attended past ENLP workshops, it is the same building just a different room.

Contact Janet Olson for questions regarding location 520-403-6337.

Your Spiritual Journey — Energetic NLP

Your Spiritual Journey








Unblocking Your Spiritual Journey: Dis­solving the Blocks to AllowingYour Spiritual Journey to Emerge

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Hay House Conferences

I went to part of one of the Hay House Publishing “I can do it” conferences. It was very good, worth going to if there is one coming up in your area.They do them in the US and UK. Cheryl Richardson was great: a very talented presenter and coach.

Energetic NLP teleworkshop starts soon

We hope you can join us for the f-ree teleworkshop, Energetic NLP in
10 Minutes a Day Sunday, Sept. 24,

Do you have 10 minutes a day to shift your life?

Join creator Art Giser in this 75 minute free teleworkshop to experience tools that effect positive changes in your life. This is a workshop and will be experiential. People are amazed at how powerful the energies are on these calls and how the tools can be used in as little as 10 minutes a day for lasting benefit.

We will also be offering special discounts on Energetc NLP Programs in the USA and England.

To participate, sign up here http://energeticnlp.com/learn-enlp/enlp1/energetic-nlp-tucson/energetic-nlp-free-teleworkshop/

Sunday, September 25, 2011 at 10:30 am Pacific/ 1:30pm ET/
2:30 pm Brazil/ 6:30pm UK/ 7:30pm Europe/ 8:30pm Middle East

Can’t make it live?
The replay will be available until midnight Tuesday night.
Be sure to save this email! You need this link to get the telephone or internet access information.

You can participate over the telephone or internet.

Art looks forward to speaking with you and answering your questions during the teleworkshop!

Change The World From Your Living Room Starts Soon

The weekly Change The World From Your Living Room Session Starts soon:

Its free, and you will receive an individual energy healing during the telesession. I am hosting it today.

All the information is at:


Back from Brazil and the amazing energies there!

I I had an an amazing experience in Brazil, as always. The energies at the Casa de Dom Inacio (the healing/spiritual center for John of God, were very, very strong.

It is a wonderful experience to be there; challenging, but wonderful.

If you are interested, this site is a good place to get started http://www.friendsofthecasa.info/index.php?page=joao-teixeira-de-faria


Energy Vampires? Are they real? How can you handle them?

“Energy vampires” is a popular concept and phrase.

What people had to say about just Session 1 of the Miracles Teleworkshop

Below are unsolicited messages from people who participated in Session 1:

Hello dear Art, thank you so very much for your assistance to all of us – soo very wonderful. thank you sincerely

feeling better and better all the time during this call and all the questions are helping release more…! thanks for all the wisdom you bring….

I agree with Kathy. You are a wonder …. Your generosity in sharing your gifts is and has always been amazing.

Art, Thank you so much for a wonderful session. You are a blessing! Namaste,

Thank you again for sharing your gifts with us, Art. My life is enriched by your efforts. Peace & blessings always.

Thank you so much! Amazing experience!

Wonderful. thank you Art. These processes are incredible and the energy tonight was so powerful. Most of the pain is now warm heat in my spine now.   Next time I’m back in London I’ll be sure to come to one of your sess ions. Can’t wait!

I have been experiencing a lot of soreness and discomfort in my neck and shoulders. Using the magnets really helped to clear this out. I almost feel brand new… Thanks for the reminder about how to start and end each day.

Wonderful! Just had a great release of energy. Thank you so much!

I find your energy work amazing. I have been using off and on yourCD. This workshop has reminded me to keep up the work and you’ve given some different twists from that CD. Thank You!!

Fantastic session today. I was in no shape to speak at the end of it. When you first opened up to do the clearing on the energy centers, I experienced this brilliant white-yellow light–all encompassing as if I was in the middle of it. I also felt the space behind the eyes open up for the first time ever. I had previously no awareness of it–an energetic nettie pot.

Not too late to join the Using Miracles Energy Teleworkshop


Energetic NLP

Its not too late to join in the Using Miracle Energy teleworkshop!

As long as you  listen to session 1 by Friday night, you would be able to join us on Sunday (you will need a day to process it).

You can learn more or register now at this webpage: