Change The World From Your Living Room

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“I loved the Change the World from your living room session just now. It was great. I love your work. I feel very calm and centred. Thanks!”  Jo Kearney
“THIS was fabulous, WOW!” Chris Palmer Delacruz

Join a wonderful group to help people all over the world bring more spirituality into their decisions and daily actions. And receive an energetic clearing and spiritual opening for yourself, too.

If people all over the world were to connect with their own spiritual nature and bring that into their daily actions and decisions, the world would be a better place. You can help make this a reality.

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You can be part of an international group of people – on the internet or just over your telephone – for the weekly “Change the World from Your Living Room” Energetic NLP session. We will help people all over the world bring their spiritual nature and inner wisdom into their actions and decisions. It’s free, you can do it from home, it only takes 35 minutes, and it’s an opportunity to help the world.

 “I LOVE these events! I love that we are promoting that people (including ourselves) connect with their OWN inner wisdom and spirit, and I love the warm relaxing sensation of getting our own healings at the end of the session. Thanks so much for doing these, Art!”  Julie Cullison

As part of the telesession, you will strengthen your connection to your own spirit and inner wisdom, and receive a personal transformative energetic clearing and healing.

The 35-minute calls are on Sundays at:

10am Pacific Time/ noon CT/1pm ET/ 6pm UK/ 7pm Europe/ 8pm Middle East.

You can participate over the telephone or over the internet.

The sessions are lead by Art Giser, the developer of Energetic NLP,

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We thank these organizations for promoting Change the World From Your Living Room:

Empowering Health

Energetic NLP

Institute of Health and Learning


 “Thank you. Really experienced the Powerful energy coming through my crown, clearing, healing & enhancing throughout my body & energy field.” Christine Bradly

Next session is
Sunday, February 26, 2017

After you sign up, you will receive email updates with the call in or login information. If you do not receive an email, check your “promotions” or “junk” folders (sometimes legitimate emails end up there). If you add to your contacts, it will help.




Future Sessions, at least 1-2 a month will be announced.



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