Energetic NLP: Opening to the Energies of Spiritual Help

Opening Up to Being Supported by Spiritual Energies – Video with Art Giser

Join Art Giser for this special video in which he takes you through powerful Energetic NLP processes to allow you to open up to being supported by spiritual energies.

Warning: The processes on this video are very powerful and will aid and support you in your spiritual growth. Please make sure you give yourself time to go through the video and ideally have a little time afterwards to relax.  The processes you will go through will clear the energetic blocks which stop you connecting to and being supported by spiritual energies. Make sure you drink plenty of water to quickly and easily clear any toxins that are released  from your body.

So, relax and get ready to enhance your spiritual growth in incredible ways!

Note: You will enjoy the video much more if :
you click on the icon at the bottom right of the player, to the right of the “YouTube” icon. That will enlarge the video to full screen and enhance your experience.

4 thoughts on “Energetic NLP: Opening to the Energies of Spiritual Help”

  1. Hi Art
    Wow- that was a wonderful experience! Thank you for the free video. I am trained in Reiki (level 2) and a master practitoner of NLP so very interested in your energetic NLP. I was just looking at the agenda for the NLP conference and spotted your name and title of your workshop. It looks very interesting, indeed so I’m thinking of coming along in November. I shall explore a lttle more on your website – it looks very interesting.

    Thank you again for the freebie 🙂
    Best wishes
    Elaine Stephens

  2. Hi Art Oi Art tudo bem?

    I am Luly from Brazil (but l live abroad at the moment in Germany )
    Love the videos THANK YOU SO MUCH ! MUITO OBRIGADA !
    I had incredible results with the video that you teachs us to give a healing ball of energy to someone we are having issues. In my case was someone i fancy but not love.
    I am doing daily the conecting with our spirit meditation and i fell great.
    I hope my financial situation gets better soon ,i am in a very dificult moment of my life ,hope one day i can go to London and do the courses .
    If you have any tips for me workwise and financialy i would apreciate it is been really hard and weird.
    Thank you Art
    Have a lovely day !

  3. Message to Luly
    Only just read this Luly – hope you are still viewing. Please think positively about all situations even when they appear challenging – I urge you to dispel negativity entirely from your thoughts. This will then allow the things you want to become reality. Never think ‘but’ this is a useless word.

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