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Energetic NLP: New Wealth Experience Special Offer

Thank you for being part of the New Wealth Experience!

It is an exciting to be part of a community of people who are redefining wealth and its relationship to spirituality.

I believe that Energetic NLP is playing and will play an important role in the changes that are happening in human consciousness.

So I am very happy to support you with these six special bonuses to help you on your journey.




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You will receive:

  • Six months (6 sessions) participation in  the Energy of Abundance energy tele-meditations

  • Two tickets to a one day Energetic NLP workshop for you and a guest in 2012 in the US, Canada, or England

  • Art’s  new guided video: How to Open Up to the Energies of Spiritual Help

  • The 3 part mp3 audio of the Emotional Freedom workshop from the Festival of Enlightenment

  • How to have an Amazing 2012 telworkshop audio

  • Guided video, How to have an Amazing 2012

All 6 bonuses would normally cost $490.

Because you are a participant in the New Wealth Experience, all of these bonuses (and one additonal surprise bonus) are only $97.

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Bonus 1 six months (6 sessions) of

“The Energy of Abundance” 

Energetic NLP Tele-Meditation Series

Do You Want More Prosperity in Your Life?

Almost everyone in these times of economic uncertainly is feeling a strong need to increase their abundance and prosperity. This is an area that people constantly request more help and support with.

In the “Energy of Abundance” sessions Art Giser will bring in energies to help you clear blocks, programming and Karma that is holding you back from enjoying the abundance you deserve. He will also be bringing in wonderful new energies to help you with attracting abundance and manifesting your dreams.

Even better, you won’t need to leave your home to attend. You can join Art Giser for these sessions by accessing them over the internet or by calling in with a local telephone number.


Art Giser and Energetic NLP

Art Giser is the creator of Energetic NLP and a gifted healer and intuitive. Art created Energetic NLP to provide rapid, easy and powerful ways for people to unleash themselves – to let go of limiting beliefs and old energetic programming which no longer serves them.

Energetic NLP is a unique blend of NLP (Neuro-Linguistic Programming) with intuition development and transformative energy work.


“A truly life-changing experience (this one really is!) and everyone will get enormous benefit (and lots of fun along the way). I came to this course out of curiosity and a desire to manage energy better, but so much more opportunity and learning had opened up for me – thank you!” Judith Hanson -Kettering , UK


Why Abundance?

The whole area of abundance is a challenge for many people. We have layers of programming and conditioning that block us from accessing the flow of abundance which is available for us. The “Energy of Abundance” sessions will be focused in on removing these energetic blocks and bringing in new energies to raise your abundance vibration.

While for many people the “abundance” they will want to concentrate on is around their finances, the focus of these sessions certainly won’t be limited to financial concerns. You might want to use these calls to increase your abundance in any area of your life which is important to you right now – such as:

Financial, Love, Career Success and satisfaction, Health and Vitality, Spirituality, Friendships, and Creativity


“Hi Art, I hope you are well. I just thought I would drop you a line to tell you how my life has changed since I joined you on the monthly abundance calls. I have had a huge shift in my financial abundance over the last 6 months and am happy to share my story.  This stuff really works, in the six months I have been attending the abundance calls my salary has increased by 85% (yes Eighty Five percent!) and I have been given a work contract that provides job security for over 2 years.

Thank you for sharing your gift and helping me (and the rest of the group) have huge changes in accepting abundance in our lives. I am truly grateful to know you.

I am looking forward to more sessions over the coming months. Thanks again for everything you make possible.”   Emma Stiles – South Africa


Why are These Sessions So Special?

These sessions are different than Art Giser’s normal teleworkshops. There will be very little talking on these calls. The aim is to get your analytical mind out of the way and make it a pure energy call. You will be opening up to your inner wisdom and spirit and allowing them to connect with the energies of abundance.

We will be doing 2 main things on the calls:

1) Clearing unconscious programming and old limiting beliefs from families, cultures and ancestors

2) Opening Your Energetic abilities to tap into the energies of abundance and to use them to create magic in your life

“What an amazing call! I have had financial abundance and then have been struggling. I really felt a shift that I will have abundance again. With this permission, I feel the energy in all my cells. Thank you!” Fred Pospisil – USA

“Thanks Art. That felt lovely and really powerful.”

“Loved it – I feel I had a lot of clearing around my throat. Thanks for a brilliant session.”


The Advantages to Doing a Series of Sessions:

  • Many blocks to abundance and prosperity exist in layers of issues, limiting beliefs, programming, karma and emotions. A series of sessions will allow you to peel away the layers until there is nothing left

  • Energetic NLP is very powerful work. People can only release so many layers each session. Trying to clear too many layers at one time can be counterproductive.

  • Because we will be doing these every month, you will build up a velocity and momentum that will propel you into more abundance and prosperity.

  • You will have the spiritual and energetic support of everyone on the call.

There will be little talking on these calls – and the energy promises to be very powerful!

I definitely feel the cumulative effect of these calls. The energy on the 3rd call already feels substantially stronger than on the 1st or 2nd. My internal feeling around my personal finances has lightened and relaxed enormously and more and more opportunities and clients keep presenting themselves in wonderfully synchronistic ways. I have had lots of resistance in the past to really doing my inner work around my abundance in a relaxed and powerful way. As always, I am so grateful to Art and Energetic NLP”       Jeff Tambour, Tucson, Arizona 

You can participate in these sessions over the Internet or by calling in.


“Art is a master in the art of the possible. And what’s possible will exceed your wildest expectations. So don’t delay, sign up now.”    Elaine Hopkins, London 

 “Thank you — extremely powerful! Have a great day!”

“Great session Art! Thank you so much. You are amazing!” 

“Hi Art, Thanks for who you are! Love and peace to you.”

 ‘I enjoyed the Energy of Abundance session last night hugely – I found the energies to be extremely powerful and I really can strongly feel the effects today.” – Kim


You will receive membership in the Energy of Abundance Sessions for 6 months!


Bonus 2:  New Video: 

How to Open to the Energies of Spiritual Help

Most people think that they are open to spiritual help because they consciously want it. But the truth is they are not.  They are being blocked from asking for and accepting all but a tiny bit of the spiritual help that is possible for them.


What blocks them?

Unconscious and energetic programming, karma, spiritual contracts, and old limiting beliefs block your ability to receive spiritual help and miracles.


This 40 minute video will take you through Energetic NLP processes that will clear your unconscious and energetic programming, and old limiting beliefs that blocks you from to asking for and receiving help from spirit.


It will then guide you into setting your energy centers (chakras) and energy field (aura) to resonate with and use the energies of spiritual help.


Bonus 3:  

Two Tickets (bring a guest!) to any one day Energetic NLP workshop in the US, Canada, or England in 2012 that is sponsored by Energetic NLP or Solar-Events.


Workshops include:

  • How to Lead a Charmed Life

  • Energetic NLP for Abundance, Career, and Business Success

  • Energetic NLP for Health

  • Open to Miracle Energy

    Introduction to Energetic NLP


Bonus 4   Mp3 Audio 

How to Have a Wonderful and Rich Emotional Life


This is a recording of a workshop that was held in the Festival of Enlightenment in Rocky Mountains of Colorado. People told us it was life changing.


Is there anything more important to your personal happiness and spiritual development than the having a rich and enjoyable emotional life?

This workshop uses a unique and very effective four way approach to having a wonderful relationship with your emotions. You will work with your heart, conscious mind, unconscious mind, spirit and inner wisdom.

  • For your conscious mind: You will learn a unique model for emotions developed by one of the co-developers of NLP, Leslie Cameron-Bandler (who was Art’s mentor) that will give you a new and wonderful relationship with your emotions, even with the ones that you do not enjoy or have had problems with in the past.

    • You have a right to feel whatever you are feeling.

    • Energetically you will use Energetic NLP to:

    • Release and heal old problematic emotions

    • Release and heal old programming and experiences that create unpleasant emotional states, and keeps you stuck in them

    • You will energetic connect with spiritual joy and other empowering emotional states

    • You will discover that the emotional states that have caused you the most difficulty in the past are not really your emotions! They come from having absorbed the energy of that emotion from your parents, siblings, partners, or other people. You do not handle that emotion well, because it isn’t really your authentic experience. We will clear those energies to free you to have your own authentic emotions. This alone, will change your emotional life!

The goals:

  • You never need to fear, suppress, or resist an emotion again

  • That you have more wonderful emotional states

  • That you have more spiritual joy

People consistently tell us that they are amazed at how powerful the energies are when they listen to Art’s recordings!


Bonus 5   Mp3 Audio 

How to Have an Amazing 2012

Will 2012 be an amazing year for you?

Why leave it to chance?

Listen to this teleworkshop, and  we will set the energy for you to have an amazing 2012.

Will 2012 be an amazing year for you? Or will unconscious programming, and other people’s fears drag you down?

It is difficult not to get caught up in the fear,  scarcity thinking, and lack of appreciation for what we do have that is rampant in much of the world today. And all the propaganda saying that  2012 will be an apocalyptic year is adding to the fear.

Using Energetic NLP, we will clear unconscious programming, limiting  beliefs, and old emotions. We will then work energetically to set up 2012 to be an amazing year for you.

In this packed 90 minute teleworkshop you will clear the beliefs, programming, and energies that would limit your success, health, and happiness in 2012. We will then use energies to help make your dreams come true in 2012.

In this packed session you will:

  • Separate out from the energies of the current world economic crises, and other energies of scarcity and fear.

  • Connect with your hearts desires.

  • Clear other people’s energy and programming out of your goals.

  • Align your goals with your hearts desires.

  • Align the desires of your conscious mind, unconscious mind, body, soul and spirit to create a collaborative life age.

  • Start from a place of gratitude and appreciation for the positive things in life.

  • Clear unconscious programming and energies that might make 2012 a difficult year for you.

  • Increase your “havingness” that is your ability to let yourself receive abundance, success, love, and joy in 2012 (people have energetic and unconscious blocks that limit what we will let ourselves receive)

  • Energetically set up 2012 as a great year for you where you manifest more of what you truly want in life.

  • Use universal and earth energies to manifest your life agenda

  • Attract more love, health, and abundance into your life.

  • Help promote peace and collaboration in the world in 2012.

  • Open to more synchronicity and miracles in 2012


Bonus 6:  Video

Create a Wonderful Year

In this video, Art guides you in  processes to create an amazing year.

In this enjoyable and effective process, you will align your inner wisdom, spirit, and conscious mind to choose authentic goals for yourself that will not only make you happier, but help you manifest who you are as a spiritual being in your daily life. People loved this process.

I received many positive emails from people who listened to it, and many people were sharing it on Facebook. Feel free to share it with friends, family, and loved ones.

It is only 12 minutes,  and it is very powerful!



To sum up, you will receive:

  • Six months (6 sessions) participation in  the Energy of Abundance energy tele-meditations

  • Two tickets to a one day Energetic NLP workshop for you and a guest in 2012 in the US, Canada, or England

  • Art’s  new guided video: How to Open Up to the Energies of Spiritual Help

  • The 3 part mp3 audio of the Emotional Freedom workshop from the Festival of Enlightenment

  • How to have an Amazing 2012 telworkshop audio

  • Guided video, How to have an Amazing 2012

All 6 bonuses would normally cost $490.

Because you are a participant in the New Wealth Experience, all of these bonuses (and one additonal surprise bonus) are only $97.

To sign up, please use this link


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