Energetic NLP
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Energetic NLP VIP Programs

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A Free One Hour Energetic NLP Strategy Session with Art Giser or Jeff Tambor.

  • This session is to help you to clarify what would be an amazing and wonderful future that would fulfill your heart’s desires.

  • Clarify the next steps can you take now to help create you create and sustain your wonderful future.

  • We are both very busy and have only a very limited number of times in our schedules to do these sessions. So we can only take a few people each. People will be selected on the basis of who applied first and the answers to the questions.

  • It’s easy to apply now to have a strategy session:

  • Fill out the survey form on this webpage by clicking here


    You will hear back from us within 48 hours if have been selected to have a session

    • Just answering the questions on the webpage will be very beneficial for you to get more clarity on where you are in your life right now, what if anything is holding you back, what are your challenges, and what would be an authentic wonderful future for you.