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Energy Hygiene — Live From Your Authentic Self

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Energy Hygiene — Live from your Authentic Self

Many of your thoughts, feelings, desires, goals, fears, and concerns are not really yours.

You would be appalled if you realized how much of the energy in your energy field isn’t yours! This is especially true for those of you who care about helping other people and world.

This concept scares some people, and it should concern you! It distorts and limits your life.

These energies in your energy field contain other people’s (and groups and institutions) thoughts, programming, limitations, shoulds, ancestral programming,  and emotions (including fear and anxiety). 

Those energies block you from accessing your Authentic Self, make it harder to make good decisions, saps your vitality, lead to health problems, overeating, smoking, distress, confusion, going down the “wrong” paths in life, and more. They block you from blossoming, shining and fulfilling more of your true potential.

Happily, there are easy ways to clear your energy and live from more of your Authentic Self. In this packed webinar, you will learn easy and powerful Energetic NLP techniques to not only clear other people’s thoughts and emotions out of your energy field, you will be able to retrieve your energy that you’ve given away.

 Join us and discover how easy it is to start releasing other people’s and groups energy from your energy field! You will clear and release a lot of energy during the session, and be able to keep clearing your energy as you go through life.

Note: never listen to any Energetic NLP programs while driving. The energies are very powerful and are designed to take you deeply inside of yourself and create easy, safe, and fun transformation

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