Energetic NLP
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Energetic NLP Workshops, teleworkshops, and trainings
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How will I benefit from studying Energetic NLP?

EVERYONE has the ability to use healing energies and to open their intuition and know things that you have no “normal” way to know.

You will open up and develop your latent intuition and abilities to do energetic healings and be able to just know information about other people and yourself

You will clear unconscious and energetic programming that has been controlling your life, and use your inner wisdom and spirit to guide your decisions, actions, emotions and behaviors.

You will learn how to work with and develop your own energy system in order to promote your health, life clarity, spiritual growth, personal growth, prosperity and satisfaction with life.

You will be able to do transformative energy work with other people.

You will become part of a talented network of people who provide great support for each other in continuing to learn and develop, in dealing with life’s challenges, and in pursuing their dreams.

NLP and Energetic Work

In NLP we learned that there is a structure that underlies and creates our experience and that by discovering that structure we can change our experience.

In the same way, energetic work gives you access to a deep fundamental structure that is the foundation for all of our experience. By changing that structure you can profoundly and deeply change your life and the lives of your clients.

When used together with NLP, you achieve results that are greater than either one system alone can achieve.

In the Energetic NLP program you will learn a set of core techniques that you can use to protect yourself; accelerate your own personal and spiritual development, and at the have a greater positive impact on your clients. And the best part is – it’s fun!

Goals of the Training

The Energetic NLP Training was designed to achieve these Goals:

  1. To enable you to protect yourself, your health and emotional well being, by knowing how to work with human energies.
  2. If you work with clients: to enable you to use energetic work to greatly enhance your ability to help your clients.
  3. To be able to use Energetic NLP to enhance your career or business.
  4. To enable you to use energetic techniques to further your personal and spiritual growth, sense of being on their “path”, and your enjoyment in life.