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Energetic NLP: Healing Yourself and Others

People are suffering needlessly. Most of us have physical, mental, emotional, or spiritual challenges facing us directly, or have friends, family, or loved ones facing those challenges

There is a huge need for people to use energetic processes to support their healing and growth. It makes an enormous difference in people’s lives, if they can get this support!

Sadly, most of us cannot afford to pay for the ongoing energetic support that we or our loved ones need.

The good news:

  • Everyone was born with the ability to work with the human energy system!
  • Everyone can do healing energy work. It is amazingly easy.

You have unconscious beliefs and programming that have blocked you from utilizing your gifts.  Join us and release those blocks.

It is Art’s vision to create networks of people who can use healing ENLP processes to help themselves and others. Imagine being able to easily support the people you care about! Imagine being able to enhance your own healing.

In this fun filled day you will learn:

  • Simple, fast and powerful process that you can use to support your own health.
  • Simple, fast and powerful process that you can use to help your friends, family, and loved ones.
  • How healing other people can  be used to heal yourself and to develop spiritually.
  • How to safely work with energy!
  • How to have fun and joy when healing yourself and others.

You will also do process that will:

  • Clear unconscious & energetic beliefs and programming that block you from using your ability to work with energy,
  • Release blocks in your body and being that are contributing to dis-ease, emotional issues, fears, and traumas.
  • Enhance your connection to your own inner wisdom and spirit.

You will be welcomed into a community of healers who can help each other, grow together, and have more joy and confidence in life.

Early bird discount on the Tucson Programs ends August 31, 2010

The Tucson Program is Sunday, October 3rd from 10am-5:30pm

Early Bird Discount Ends August 31:

This program-    $60.00

Save by registering for both programs: Both days – $100.00 (Energetic NLP: Intuition and Wisdom & Spiritual Power & Energetic NLP Healing Yourself and Others)


Click here to register for Healing Yourself and Others

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After August 31:

This program –    $80.00

Save by registering for both programs: – $140.00 (Energetic NLP: Intuition,

Wisdom & Spiritual Power  & Energetic NLP Healing Yourself and Others)