Energetic NLP
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Energize Your Business

Energize your Business – or Career

In these challenging times, your success is dependent on your ability to remove yourself from the energies of fear, scarcity, hopelessness, resignation that are sweeping the country and much of the world.

Regardless of how though the economic climate is right now, you’ll always be able to find people who are thriving and this 1-day workshop Art Giser, founder of Energetic NLP, will show you how you can use can use energetic techniques to improve your business, teamwork, carrier, leadership and financial success.

Benefits to You

  • It will be easier to accomplish your goals
  • More help, support , collaboration, and partnership from other people
  • Easier and better decision making
  • Attracting other people to your goals
  • Attracting customers, joint venture partners, associates, clients, and employees,
  • Clearing unconscious and energetic blocks to success

Who is this program for?

Who will be there? A group of wonderful people, who believe that their work should be a contribution to others, and financially rewarding for themselves.

This is going to be a very powerful and life changing day.  I hope you will decide to join us.

Only come if you are sure you want to take your business or career to the next level — or beyond!

Dates for Energize your Business

How to Book your place

For all the information, and to book your place on Energize Your Business in London:
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What will I learn?

In this one day program you will learn how to clear your negative programming around success, money and remove your conscious and unconscious blocks to success.

You’ll also learn how to deal with powerful emotions such as fear and anxiety.

You’ll learn how to use Energetic NLP to…

  • Work with universal energies for your career, business, and financial  freedom
  • Attract more customers and generate more opportunities for yourself
  • Get more help and support from others
  • Have more successful meetings and sales calls
  • Attract better job and career opportunities
  • Hire better employees and help them to perform at their best
  • Attract better partners and associates
  • Have more joy and passion in your business and career
  • Energise your goals for success
  • Set the energy space for your business, meetings, presentations, and sales

Anyone can learn these skills. You were born with these innate abilities — you just haven’t learned how to access them yet.