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Beyond Pain Summit Bonus Clearing Session

Thank you for Registering For the Bonus Energetic NLP
Pain Clearing and Healing Session

Be Sure to Bookmark this page so you can return to it for the session! You will be able to participate over the telephone or on this webpage!

Please feel free to invite anyone you know who could benefit and who is open to energetic healing (they don’t have to believe in it, just be opening to discovering what happens).  Please just send them to this webpage to register.:    www.painclearing.com   

Duration: 70 minutes

You can play it online using the player above; just click on the arrow in the top left corner.
To download, click on the downward arrow in the top right corner, under the word “Soundcloud.”

And you can email Art Giser at art@enlp7.com


During the session you will:

  • Clear other people’s physical and emotional pain out of your energy field

  • Clear programming, unconscious and energetic, that contributes to your pain

  • Work with energies that enhance physical healing

The session will be recorded. If you are registered for the session, you will have access to the recorded session.


I am Art Giser, the creator of Energetic NLP. You can find out more about me by clicking this link.

I have been practicing and teaching (anyone can learn to do it!) remote energy healing for over 32 years.