Energetic NLP
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“Are Some Aspects of Your Life Less Satisfying Than You Hoped They Would Be?”

 Change Your Energy! Change Your Life!

Go from having your chakras limit your life to propelling you forward.


The Chakra “Energy Spa” Experience

                                                                                                            Special  Progchakra webpage image greatram with Art Giser!

Your chakras control every aspect of your life.                                                                                                                                                 This will be a very different approach to healing and opening the power of your chakras.                                                                                                                                       Whether you are very familiar with chakras, or new and curious, this will be a life-changing weekend.

Art tells you all about the workshop in this interview with Jemma from Solar Events in London.


Its Time to Increase Your Intuition, Vitality and Joy in Being Alive

Why do so many wonderful people, who have so much to offer the world:

  • Struggle to achieve what they desire?
  • Feel blocked, low energy and unable to fully create the life they want?
  • Why do they repeat life patterns that don’t work?
  • Sometimes feel overwhelmed, or unable to cope?
  • Some parts of your life may be great, others are filled with struggle, effort, and some disappointment?
  • Feel drained by all the giving to others ?
  • Feel blocked, and unable to access the potential they sense is within them to create what they wish to create, or live the life they feel is possible?

Your chakras are very powerful and affect your career, relationships, creativity, abundance, health & energy.

Your chakras affect your career, relationships, creativity, abundance, health, manifesting abilities, energy, success, spiritual growth, weight, physical appearance, happiness, strength, motivation, and every other aspect of your life. Your chakras get blocked and limited by factors such as unconscious programming, energetic programing, limiting beliefs, spiritual contracts, and karma; they do not work at their full potential to create a wonderful life for you.


For most people, the greatest good they could do for themselves is to change their energy.”  –   Deepak Chopra, MD


Life can be so wonderful, joyful and satisfying; and at other times, it can be so difficult.  When I look at people’s energy systems, I feel so much compassion for them. How do people get through life with their energy so clogged up?

I am so impressed that people can do it! But I am sad that their lives are so much harder for them than they have to be, and that they are missing out on so much joy, health, satisfaction, meaning, and success.

I am on a mission to help people lead happy, successful, meaningful, and joyful lives.”   Art Giser, the creator of Energetic NLP



What is an Energetic NLP Chakra Spa Experience?

This is not a workshop to teach you about your chakras, it is an experience that will release the power within them!

Art GiserYour inner wisdom and spirit already know everything about your chakras, much more than your conscious mind could ever know or comprehend.                                                                                                     At the Energy Spa you will go beyond thinking and logic.

You will  put your inner wisdom and spirit in charge and use the extremely powerful energies Art will bring in to clear, heal, and enhance your chakras.

Did we mention it will be fun? Art has a good sense of humor, and his programs are safe, fun, and validating

Join Art Giser for this very special program and:

  • Release the power of your chakras

  • Experience transformative energies

  • Create more of the life you want and deserve to live

  • Have fun and meet wonderful people


People often describe Art Giser’s programs as “going to an energy spa”.

“I don’t have to work! I just set my intention, put my inner wisdom and spirit in charge, relax, and use the miraculous energies that Art brings in to wonderfully enhance my life” participant in a Energy Spa program.

Release the Power of Your Chakras!

During the Energy Spa we will be clearing and healing these factors that limit your life, happiness, success, relationships, and spiritual abilities.

During the Energy Spa your chakras will be opened, healed, cleared, and enhanced.

Important Note:
Many people know about the 7 so called “main” chakras. Most people are not aware that you have many chakras, and at least 5 of the ones that are rarely worked with are extremely powerful and control much of your life. They either limit your life or release your hidden potential.

You will heal and enhance at least 12 of your most important chakras!


What Will You Clear and Heal Over The Weekend?

  • Family, ancestral, societal, and other people’s energy and programming out of your chakras.
  • The energies of fear, scarcity, hopelessness, inadequacy, confusion and resignation.
  • The intense energy flows moving through humanity right now (fear, scarcity, confusion, disillusionment, hopelessness, anger, and anxiety)
  • Negative life experiences.
  • Karma
  • Past life influences
  • Spiritual contracts
  • Energy cords
  • Energetic thought forms
  • Old emotional and traumatic events
  • Low self concept and self esteem
  • Other people’s energy and programming
  • Conscious and unconscious blocks to success, joy, creativity
  • Your chakras will be opened, healed, cleared, and enhanced
  • Clearing and healing these factors that limit your life, happiness, success, relationships, and spiritual abilities

Some of the Benefits You Can Experience from Joining Us:

  • Align your conscious mind, unconscious mind, soul and spirit
  • Imbue your business/work/home life with wonderful energy
  • Attract wonderful help, support, collaboration, and partnership from other people
  • Improve relationships with friends, family, colleagues and co-workers
  • Increase your creativity and inspiration
  • Feel a deeper satisfaction with your work and your life
  • Experience more synchronicities and miracles
  • Feel more connected to your heart and its messages
  • Have more joy and passion in your work and life
  • Energize your authentic goals (those that unite your mind and spirit)
  • Connect to more divine guidance
  • Be more in flow and ease
  • Learn simple, effective, and powerful processes that you can do in ten minutes a day to continuously clear blocks and energize your life, business, dreams and goals
  • And more!



“Art is a superb and gifted trainer, one of the best. He combines warmth and humor with excep­tional clarity, and is absolutely committed to his participants achieving their goals.”   Leslie Cameron- Bandler, Co- developer of NLP

Art has been leading Energetic NLP “Energy Spa” programs for over 28 years.

Watch what participants said about one of the Energetic NLP “Energy Spa” workshops.


Who Is This Workshop For?

  • People that are new to the chakra system
  • People who have worked with charkras before, and would like a new approach to opening up the beauty, and power of their chakras
  • People who want to have a spa like experience of being able to just receive for 2 days. With benefits that will last a lifetime.

Join Art Giser for a very special day workshop to discover the full power of your 7 main chakras and experience transformative energies and attunements to clear and heal them, enabling them to open up and flow at their highest potential, allowing you to create more of the life you want and deserve to live.

As you can see, clearing and discovering the power of each of your main 12 chakras will have huge impacts on, and enhance, many aspects of your life, health and wellbeing.

Do join us to discover and experience how your life can vastly improve!

Art’s work is very powerful and effective in helping you to find and clear the root causes of any issues and blocks holding you back from shining your light fully into the world.

Past participants regularly report transformational changes after attending his workshops and events, often in rippling effects throughout many aspects their lives.


Many personal development trainings claim to be transformational, but Art Giser is the real deal. I know this will continue to benefit me personally, and take my work with my clients to a completely new level. – Sally Webster – participant


Join us “At the Energy Spa” in London or Sedona, Arizona

London Program in Covent Garden.

We apologize for the disappointment; it has sold out.

April 2016

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May 2016 (Beautiful and Amazing) Sedona, Arizona Programs

Ifwg j you have never been to Sedona — what have you been doing with your life?
It is very, very, very beautiful with unique otherworldly landscapes. People come here from all over the world to enjoy its beauty and to experience its amazing and transformative energy “vortices”.

So join us for the Energetic NLP Chakra Energy Spa, and you can also spend a day(s) exploring the wonders of Sedona. We will be happy to share with you some of our favorite energy spots.

And during the workshop, Art will share with you a unique approach to using the energy vortices in a much more powerful and transformative way than you ever have before.

Evening min spa May 27, 2016

Registration: 6:35-7pm


Sedona Creative Life Center
Pre-registration $5, day of $10

Registration  9:30am-10 am

Hours: 10 am -5p m

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Full Day Chakra Energy Spa May 28, 2016

Sedona Creative Life Center
Pre-registration $65, at door $85

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About Art Giser – Your Guide for this Transformational Weekend

Art is the creator of Energetic NLP. He studied with all the developers of NLP (Neuro-Linguistic Programming), and an amazing and diverse group of healers and intuitives. He has received two empowerments directly from the Dali Lama of Tibet.



Art has been a NLP trainer for 31 years, and a practitioner and trainer in intuitive development and energetic healing since the mid 1980s. He lives in  Los Angeles and San Francisco, California, and has clients all over the world.



Art balances his NLP, spiritual and energetic wisdom with a strong background in scientific research and business. He managed a research lab in reproductive endocrinology for 11 years at the University of California, San Francisco Medical School. He helps major corporations develop leaders who can bring out the best in themselves and in just their people.



Infamous for his innate sense of fun, his mischievous way of training and his light-hearted approach, your 2 days with Art will be full of light, joy and a lot of laughter! Even though he has a strong scientific background, you will never feel ‘lost’ as Art has the knack of explaining the science behind Energetic NLP in a clear and concise way.



Most people are not running their own lives – they are ‘programmed’ by the beliefs and energy that they have picked up from family, friends, and peer groups. Energetic NLP is about clearing unconscious programming and energy blocks so you have access to the real you, can access your hidden abilities, and can more easily achieve your goals. I believe that everyone is a powerful being and that nobody needs to be ‘fixed’ – they just need to be unleashed” – Art Giser – creator of Energetic NLP


Some of the Feedback from Participants on Art Giser’s Previous Weekend Workshops

Thank you to the whole team that made this weekend of exquisite change possible. Art’s ability to gently work with the group with intentionality and energy has me more grounded and willing to BE on my journey with greater trust and willingness. A must for all those that are drawn to it! – Gabrielle Gache


I would like to say thank you to Art and the Solar Events team for a wonderful weekend. I have been able to use some of the techniques learned in other areas in my life and am seeing even deeper effects. I love the fun and joy this has created in my life as well as the opportunity to develop this magical side I knew existed within me. Thank you Art for shining the way. – Nanouschka de Wilde


The training was excellently prepared by Art Gizer and the ingredients were blended and illustrated by metaphor and delivered with empathy and total clarity; spiced with ancient wisdom, humour and a love of humanity that is enabling Art to provide nourishment and inspiration to others as they progress on their own spiritual journeys. – John Fielding


Amazing life enhancing energy workshop, that is so simple and so easy to incorporate into your busy daily life… I am doing the magnet visualisations morning and night and already I am noticing a big difference in my reactions to stressful situations… – Pauline Bradbury


About Energetic NLP & Its Power to Help You to Discover the Power of Your 12 Chakras

Energetic NLP was created by Art Giser to provide a way for people to easily and effectively work with their energy system and clear what is blocking them in life.

Energetic NLP does not try to ‘fix’ people. It’s about awakening your intuition and spiritual power by removing the energetic blocks which can stop you from realizing your full spiritual potential.

Whether you know it not or whether you’re in touch with it not, each human being – including you – is a powerful spiritual being. During the weekend workshop Art Giser will be helping you to get in touch with exactly that!


Do you feel like you’re Truly Able to Contribute to The World in The Way You Want to?

For a lot of us, the answer is – sadly – no.

  • Maybe you have done lots of personal growth and healing work and yet still feel like you are stuck in certain areas of your life – finances, relationship, career or health
  • Perhaps you feel frustrated because you’re not following your passions or you can’t even connect with what your true passions actually are
  • Do you have a sense that you’re here on earth to contribute in some important way, but get frustrated because you can’t find out what you should be doing?
  • Or maybe you know what you should be doing, but just aren’t having the impact that you would like to?
  • Would you like to experience more abundance and flow in your life?

If any of the above resonates with you, then it’s very likely that you are living your life out of old and outdated energetic programs, which you may be holding stuck in your chakras. Join Art Giser for this special  workshop and clear more of what is energetically blocking you from fully living the life you want to live.


Where does Energetic programming come from?

Energetic programing starts from when we are in the womb and continues throughout our lives. Programming comes from your parents, ancestors too, brothers, sisters, friends, spouses, teachers, and on and on!

This energetic programming can affect all aspects of our lives and happiness. We may be striving for things in our life that we just don’t ever seem to be able to attain. Very often it is this energetic programming which blocks us.


This  Energetic NLP workshop is not about changing YOU. It is about removing the blocks and programming which have been holding you back from being all you can be.

We always get the most incredible feedback from Art Giser’s workshops. It is going to be a fantastic weekend and we really hope you can join us.

Are you ready to blossom and shine?


How Does Energetic NLP Work?

We know from physics that everything is composed of energy and that there is an energy field in the

human body and around the human body.

In fact, there are around 92 different languages which have a word for human energy. Almost every ancient culture knew about it from the Egyptians, Hebrews, Africans, Neolithic, Celtic, Aborigonal, South American cultures, the far east and many, many more..

So if everything is energy then it makes sense that everything has an energy field.


ENLP has really been transformational in my life and has helped me to become more authentic, peaceful and fulfilled. I love its ability to touch and connect with everyone who is open to it and have integrated it completely in my work with young people and corporates. Thank you Art!   – Genevieve Boast, London

Energetic NLP is focused on clearing and developing your energy field by using a system of simple tools and techniques which you will learn during your 2 days with Art and can continue using long after the course has finished.

Energetic NLP is a synthesis of the best from:

  • NLP (Neuro-Linguistic Programming)
  • Energetic Systems
  • Intuition Development
  • Spiritual Development

Over the last 33 years, through studying with all the developers of NLP, prominent spiritual leaders and a number of different energetic and spiritual systems, Art has developed Energetic NLP into the innovative and ground-breaking field that it is today.

I have had the privilege of knowing Art for more than 20 years. In all my interactions with him, I have found Art to be a man of integrity, intelligence, skill and heart. In addition, Art has tremendous versatility. He can address the delicate personal and emotional terrain of human emotions and at the same time stay focused on achieving practical outcomes. I am frequently called upon to make referrals for a variety of coaching and consulting requests and Art is always at the very top of my list. I wholeheartedly recommend him as a trainer, coach, consultant and practitioner. Whatever the situation is, Art will be able to help!”   –  Robert Dilts – 
A leading developer of NLP and author of 14 books on applications of NLP

What People Say about Energetic NLP

We have so many amazing testimonials from people who have attended Art’s workshops that it’s hard to choose amongst them. Here are a small selection:


Having been involved in the world of personal spiritual growth for twenty-five years I have experienced a lot of people and I have found the Energetic NLP work really simple and powerful. As a result of knowing Art and doing all his programes I feel so much freer to be more of my true self. – Nick Williams co-founder of Inspired Entrepreneur, author and participant in Energetic NLP courses


A truly life-changing experience (this one really is!) and everyone will get enormous benefit (and lots of fun along the way). I came to the course out of curiosity and a desire to manage energy better but so much more opportunity and learning has opened up for me – thank you.   – Judith Hanson – Participant from Kettering


Art is a master in the art of the possible. And what’s possible will exceed your wildest expectations. So don’t delay : sign up now!   – Elaine Hopkins, participant from London

Art is a pleasure to work with. His humility, sense of humor and authenticity brings out the best in each participant. I am extremely honored and grateful to have learnt so much in four days. This was exactly the right course to take.  – Sukaina Juma, London


Art has an easy and fun way of demonstrating techniques that help you to get rid of “stuff” and to make your life better. It suits everyone and it is astonishing how much you can learn in a few days – probably because Art’s approach is so experiential”   –  Jo Lynn, participant from London


I have done many workshops with other healers/self-improvement instructors and what makes Art shine above them all is his integrity and authenticity. The workshops are small and intimate with lots of practical hands on exercises and tools that you can take into your everyday life. Art is committed to helping transform your life and is generous about letting you share his knowledge with others.  – Rona Magnay, participant from London


“Every now and then there is a star that burns brightly heralding a new paradigm – Energetic NLP is an elegant synergy and development of our spiritual potential with in our every day reality delivered with a clarity, total empathy and professionalism that ensures that all participants are held in a generative, productive and most of all, a life-changing space.”   – John Fielder – Accredited Master Coach & NLP Trainer



A selection of participants discussing their experiences with Energetic NLP: