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Energetic NLP: Charmed Life Free Teleworkshop

Free Teleworkshop:Discover How to Live a Charmed Life


To live a “Charmed” life means:

“To be unusually lucky or happy as though protected by magic”

Would you like to lead a charmed life? To be unusually lucky?

During a war, Mother Teresa wanted to send ambulances out to pick up civilians who had been injured and bring them to hospitals. A government official told her, “That would be fine, but what will you do If there is artillery fire?” She answered, “There won’t be any artillery fire.”  The ambulances went out, they picked up the injured civilians, and there was no shelling. This is an example of a charmed life!:

  • Set your energy field to be charmed

  • Clear programming (energetic, societal, family, and other programming) that blocks you from living a charmed life.

  • Use universal and earth energies to lead a charmed life

  • Connect with your spiritual guidance

Join Art Giser, the creator of Energetic NLP, for this amazing teleworkshop.

You can participate  on this webpage using the player below.

How To Live a Charmed Life

Whether you are  on the internet or the telephone, people consistently tell us how amazed they are at Art’s ability to remotely read and transform their energy field (Art wants you to know that anyone can learn how to do it, that’s one of the topics in the Energetic NLP Level 1 Training program.


To participate over the internet: please use the webplayer below.


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You can listen to the rebroadcast on Monday, May 14

 at 12:00pm Pacific/ 3pm ET/ 8pm UK/ 9pm Europe


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