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Energetic NLP: How to Lead a Charmed Life


Discover how to Live a Charmed Life

To live a “Charmed” life means:

“To be unusually lucky or happy as though protected by magic”

Would you like to lead a charmed life? To be unusually lucky?

During a war, Mother Teresa wanted to send ambulances out to pick up civilians who had been injured and bring them to hospitals. A government official told her, “That would be fine, but what will you do If there is artillery fire?” She answered, “There won’t be any artillery fire.”  The ambulances went out, they picked up the injured civilians, and there was no shelling. This is an example of a charmed life!

In this packed one day program, you will:

  • Open up abilities hidden in your energy centers (chakras)  that enable living a charmed life.

  • Set your energy field to be charmed

  • Clear programming (energetic, societal, family, and other programming) that blocks you from living a charmed life.

  • Release karma that interferes with living a charmed life

  • Revise or end spiritual contracts that interfere with living a charmed life

  • Use universal and earth energies to lead a charmed life

  • Connect with your spiritual guidance

  • Energetically set up 2011 to be an amazing year for you.



Dates and times

San Fran­cisco, California

Ft Mason on the exquisite San Fran­cisco Bay



Sunday, the 6th of May, 2012

Normally $175

Early Bird discount is over, but you can still get a discount until May 5: only $100

Yet another special:
You can bring up to 2 guests. They could come for only $50. If you have guests to bring, email Art at art@EnergeticNLP.com  Please put “guests” in the subject line, and Art will send them a special sign up link.


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Special Discount if you sign up for both one day programs by 9pm May 3rd

Using Miracle Energies on Saturday , May 5


Live a Charmed Life Now, Sunday May 6

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Art leading you in how to set the energy in the room you are in.



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