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Energetic NLP Level 3

Energetic NLP Level 3

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This is a 4-​​day live training with Art Giser in which you will take your Ener­getic NLP tools to a new level.

The world’s energy and humanities collective consciousness is rapidly changing.

Ultimately, this is a wonderful process. In the short-term it can either be painful, discouraging, or even frightening; or can be a wonderful experience.

One of the goals of level III energetic NLP program will be for you to be a will to approach this changing world with faith, confidence, and a keen sense of anticipation. I want all of you to be able to be in the vanguard of this change.

Some of the areas we will be covering:

  • Taking your skills and abilities to a higher level, deeper level, and wider reality.
  • Exploring multidimensional energies and your multidimensional self
      • Working with other existences (besides this one) that you spirit is involved with that have a huge influence on this lifetime.
      • Working with “new” energies. Some of them are only recently becoming available for people to use.
      • Parallel and probable realities
      • Letting yourself shine, be seen, and be powerful.
      • Integrating more NLP processes with ENLP
      • Recognizing people’s conscious and unconscious presuppositions and assumptions from their language and behaviors (this is one of the most important and powerful aspects of NLP).


  • Preprogram tele group session before Level 3
  • Two post sessions

There will be assignments to do before the program begins to maximize your experience.


Here’s what you will receive

  • Live training with Art Giser, founder of the ENLP system
  • A 4-​​day training course com­plete with exten­sive manual
  • A Free pre-​​course group coaching tele­ses­sions to help you clear energy and uncon­scious blocks BEFORE the pro­gram begins, so that:
    • you can get the most out of the program.
    • your skill devel­op­ment and per­sonal growth begin before the pro­gram even begins!
    • we all get to know each other before we meet in person to begin devel­oping a community
  • 2 FREE post course group coaching tele­ses­sions to ensure that you can and will use what you have learned to trans­form your life.

In these ses­sions Art Giser will present new mate­rial, you will get help in dealing with prob­lems or chal­lenges, and share your aha’s and suc­cess sto­ries with each other. You will get help with applying your new skills and tal­ents. This will ensure that you are able to actu­ally use the tech­niques in your daily life.

That is a total of 8 hours of tele­ses­sions, or more than a days worth of addi­tional pro­gram for free (a typ­ical work­shop day is 5–6 hours of actual training).

Forth­coming Train­ings in ENLP Level 2

London, UK
19 -22 September 2014

Follow link for Energetic NLP in London


How to Book your place

The 4-​​day Pro­gram includes:

  • Using and building on the skills you learned in ENLP Level 1 and ENLP Level 2
  • Opening to new energies
  • Exploring multidimensionality
  • Using white energy
  • Opening to more per­mis­sion to be your true self