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Energetic NLP: Using Miracle Energy- Special Teleworkshop

This workshop is face to face in Arizona for the first time (not a teleworkshop)

“Thanks Art for yet another truly inspiring session – everything you talk about seems to make so much sense and rings true even if I don’t fully understand how or why this energy stuff works. It just does – and it feels totally the right thing to be doing in my life right now. I just wish I knew how to persuade others to try it out. You are an amazing teacher and I feel so lucky to have met you! Thanks so much!”

This is the first time Art has offered this program as a face to face workshop (in the past it was only over the internet or telephone)

This is a very special 1 day workshop.

Do miracles exist?

Absolutely! Every major religion recognizes that miracles exist.. Most spiritual systems recognize the existence of miracles.
Medical miracles, impossible healings have been documented by doctors and hospitals.

What are miracles?

Miracles are events that amaze us, that we cannot explain logically; either because they seem impossible or very, very, very unlikely.
When we open to miracles, we embrace both logic, and events that go beyond logic as we understand it.

Art with John of God, known as "The Miracle Man of Brazil"

“I felt the energy flowing through me the whole time we were on the phone and throughout the night. It was very, very strong.”

Miracle energies are everywhere, and they are different in different places. More importantly, they are much, much easier to access in certain places. Art has worked extensively with miracle energies from Brazil, Hawaii, Egypt, the US, Tibetan, Indian, American,  and from the ancient sites in Ireland, Wales, and England. In this packed one day program, you will be connecting and using Miracle Energies from all over the world, and learning how to use them in your life.

Miracle Energies are different in other cultures

The culture of a society influences how easy or hard it is to allow miracles. In Canada, the United States, and Europe, there are is not a lot of cultural permission for miracles. We are dominated by logic and what people think is science. Logic is wonderful, and science has transformed the world. But we have developed a fear of what we can’t YET explain. In Brazil, the cultural traditions are much more open to things not having to be explained logically. There is even a type of literature that developed in South America called “magical realism”. where the presence of the supernatural events and miracles is accepted as being as much a part of life as “logical events”. There is an acceptance that there are many dimensions to life. So energetically, there is a lot of permission for life to exist on multiple levels and for spirit and energy to be a part of normal life.

The big question is, why aren’t we completely open to miracles?

People often resist miracles or are afraid of them. Most people have unconscious and energetic programing that tells them that miracles are not OK. They can cause us to question the nature of life and reality, our spiritual beliefs, and more. I think that miracles can and should be a source of joy and wonder.

Art Giser has worked extensively with miracle energies in Egypt, Brazil, Hawaii, in the ancient sites in Wales, Ireland, and England.

In this workshop you will explore:

  • What keeps you from being open to miracles?
  • If you really, truly, vividly imagine that your life is going to be filled with more and more extraordinary miracles, what fears, concerns, or unpleasant thoughts come up?
  • Are you more open to miracles happening for other people than for yourself?
  • Are you more open to some miracles than others?
    • Are you open to physical healing miracles? Financial miracles? Relationship miracles? Career miracles? Spiritual miracles? Mechanical miracles? Political miracles? Peace miracles? Genius miracles?
  • What is the intention behind the program from culture and society that limits miracles (particularly in the West)?
  • Energetically, how open are the people you are close to in life to your life be wonderfully miraculous?
  • How open are you to letting your life be wonderfully miraculous?

In this workshop you will:

  • Clear family, societal, and ancestral programming that interferes with having more wonderful miracles in your life
  • Clear karma and “spiritual contracts” that block miracles
  • Reset your energy centers (charkras) and energy field (aura) to work with the energies of miracles

Caroline speaking about studying Energetic NLP

Thanks again for the wonderful session today helping us all manifest our dreams and bring miracles into our lives.

By the way, this program is solely my gift to you, and is not connected with John of God or the Casa de Dom Inacio

Dates and times

Tucson, Arizona

Feb 18, 2012

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San Francisco

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Some of the spontaneous emails I received after
just the first session of the teleworkshop version of this program:

Thank you Art…I love how you work.

Thank you ever so much, this was a GREAT experience. Listened via Skype, no problems with sound, delays, just perfect on my end. Thought you did a wonderful job, the topics relevant, great tools

Thanks so much — just loved it — really did —

Thank for all. It was amazing.

I have just come off your call and feel very sparkly. I am amazed at the energy that can be picked up as I was listening over the web. I am blessed in meeting my coach and her introducing me to you and your work. Thank you.

As I listened in over the internet yesterday, just wanted to say thank you so very much for two extraordinary tele-sessions and for all that went into making them happen. I now know that neither storms or distance matter! I’ll be navigating my way home via trains and buses next Sunday evening but I’ll most certainly be tuning in energetically. Thanks again for sharing your experience and the energy at the Casa de Dom Inacio.

I listened to most of your seminar online and found it to be quite interesting and stimulating.he place looks quite serene and peaceful. I appreciated your definition of miracles and will definitely be open to experiencing them within, moving through me and around me.

Thanks again for the wonderful session today helping us all manifest our dreams and bring miracles into our lives.

great class

Thank you so much for this teleclass – for me it was the best one you have ever done. I felt relaxed throughout the call and I really felt the energies. My blood and body feels cleaner and I feel more pure. I feel fantastic and really excited about the future.

Great session today. I received a depth of clearing, cleansing, and self-integration today. Thank you so much, you did a well-done job today.

The processes you chose were perfect for me at this present time and addressed everything I have been thinking about lately. I feel I have more understanding about many more things.

Best experience I have ever had