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Energetic NLP Level 1 San Francisco

“Many personal development trainings claim to be transformational, but Art Giser is the real deal. I know this will continue to benefit me personally, and take my work with my clients to a completely new level”. – Sally Webster, London







Its time for you to blossom, and discover how amazing you really are!

The special super early bird discount expires on February 15, at midnight ET  

Special Limited Bonus:

When you sign up for the early bird discount, you will receive the 8 DVD set, Your Miraculous Self, as a gift. It is the full video recording of a day Energetic NLP workshop. It normally sells for $460, so it is like receiving an extra discount of $460!!!



March 9-12, 2013 in San Francisco

For other locations, including London, Tucson, and Los Angeles, please click on this link

This is a 4-day live training with Art Giser in which you will learn the foundation tools of Energetic NLP, and the essential energy processes that everyone needs to know. By the end of this 4-day program you will:

  • Have enabled your intuition and ability to discern the human energy field
  • Be able to clear your energy field
  • Be able to help your clients clear their unconscious blocks energetically

“Art is a pleasure to work with. His humility, sense of humor and authenticity brings out the best in each participant. I am extremely honored and grateful to have learnt so much in four days. This was exactly the right course to take. You will just know if is the right course for you. I am eager to take level 2 next week” . Sukaina Juma, London

Here’s what you will receive

  • Live training with Art Giser, founder of the ENLP system
  • A 4-day training course complete with extensive manual
  • A Free pre-course group coaching telesession to help you clear energy and unconscious blocks BEFORE the program begins, so that :
    • you can get the most out of the program.
    • your skill development and personal growth begin before the program even begins!
    • we all get to know each other before we meet in person to begin developing a community
  • FREE on-line guided imagery audio and video downloads for accelerated learning of the processes and tools used
  • Access to up to 4 FREE program on-line teleclasses
  • 2 FREE post-course group coaching telesessions to ensure that you can and will use what you have learned to transform your life.

In these sessions Art Giser will present new material, you will get help in dealing with problems or challenges, and share your aha’s and success stories with each other. You will get help with applying your new skills and talents. This will ensure that you are able to actually use the techniques in your daily life. That is a total of 8 hours of telesessions, or more than a days worth of additional program for free (a typical workshop day is 5-6 hours of actual training). The follow up group coaching sessions are a highly unusual benefit, we do not know of any other training program that is so dedicated to your acquisition of the skills and transformation of your r life.

The ENLP Level 1 Program

The 4-day Program includes:

  • Using universal and earth types of energy
  • Opening your clairvoyance – “clear seeing”
  • Enhancing clairaudience – “clear hearing”
  • Recognize energies – visually, auditory and kinesthetically
  • Using universal, earth and nature energies
  • Using gold energy
  • Using your body’s male and female energies
  • Harmonizing Chakras
  • Morphic genetic fields
  • Healing: How to do Hands-on healings
  • Healing: How to do Remote (distance) healings
  • Simple and effective techniques for energetic healing
  • The synergy of NLP and energetic techniques and concepts:
  • You will be able to use energetic techniques to enhance the effectiveness of the other modalities that you already use
  • Protection:
    • How to protect yourself from the negative energies your clients release as you work with them
    • How to make sure that you don’t take on their issues
    • How to release any energies that you do take on
  • How to use energetic techniques to greatly enhance the transformative and healing work that you can do with your clients
  • Clear limiting beliefs and programming energetically
  • Help your clients get in touch with their true selves
  • Clear the energies and issues they have taken on from other people (especially parents and other family members) that cause them distress
  • How to release Karma, your own and your clients’
  • How to simultaneously help your clients, and create more personal and spiritual growth for yourself at the same time
  • Help your clients release their family’s and other people’s energies that are causing them to have problems
  • Enhance your intuition and “knowing”
  • As you clear other’s energy out of your own energy you find a deepening sense of knowing yourself and losing the reactions that aren’t your own. This enables you to determine:
    • Who you really are
    • What you really want
    • What your life purpose is
  • Deeper knowledge of yourself and your spiritual healing
  • Setting the energy in a space to enable transformation by creating a healing/miracle space:
  • How to ground and set the energy of a room or meeting
  • How to be grounded and in touch with all your abilities




Days 1 & 2- 

1. Enhance physical & emotional healing. 2. Accelerate personal and spiritual growth 3. Develop your intuition. 4. Eliminate old behavioral and emotional patterns and self-defeating behaviors. 5. Enhance and improve work and personal relationships. 6. Clear unconscious programming and beliefs energetically. 7. Learn how to run energy through your body – a key to maintaining health. 8. Keep yourself from being harmed by other people’s energy. 9. Recover your energy from others.

Days 3 & 4- 

1. Increase your intuition (clairvoyance & clairaudience), your ability to know what is going on with your clients and other people. 2. Increase use of your inner wisdom to guide your life. 3. Open up your “knowing”- your connection to universal knowledge. 4. Enhance your health using energetic processes. 5. Release karma. 6. Enhance the effectiveness of other approaches that you use by combining them with Energetic NLP. 7. Learn how to easily give energy healings. 8. Learn to do remote work: read & clear people’s energy at a distance. 9. Learn how to have more success, joy, and profound satisfaction with your life. Package includes:

  • Pre class group tele-energy session to prepare you to get the most from the program
  • 2 post teleworkshop and coaching session to help you integrate what you learned into your life (this is invaluable!)
  • Membership in the International Association for Health & Learning (IAHL) continued educational opportunities for support
  • Participation in a free, lifelong, incredible support network of graduates (this alone makes the program worth it).
  • Manual

Can’t attend all four days?

There is a two Day Workshop Option Take days 1 & 2 only- For the 2 day workshop you can participate in the pre class and get a modified manual.  

“If you are ready to blossom, and to discover how amazing you really are, click on the link below”

special offer







Ft Mason on the beautiful San Francisco Bay.

Marina Blvd, San Francisco, CA 94123

Phone:(415) 345-7500

Transit: Marina Blvd & Laguna St

Go to this link for a map and how to get their.


If you sign up for the ” Early Bird” Discount and Bonus Package:

The early bird discount expires on Sunday, March 3, at midnight ET

You will receive:

  • 4 Days of face to face training

  • One pre-teleworkshop to prepare you to get the most out of the experience

  • Two bonus follow up teleworkshops to ensure that you can integrate Energetic NLP and Your Miraculous Self into your life

  • SPECIAL BONUS: The 8 DVD set of a professionally videoed first two days of a Level 1 program in London to help you more powerfully integrate Energetic NLP into your life.

Special Early Bird Offer.

Reduced from $999 to $795 for the 4 day workshop plus 3 bonus teleworkshops. Plus the $470 DVD set as a bonus

The Super Early Bonus Package includes the 8 DVD set of the first 2 days of an Energetic NLP Level 1 training in London! So that you are effectively paying $325 for the workshop itself.

To make this irresistible, and more affordable for you, it will automatically divide it into 3 monthly installments of $265 (the last two installments will be after the program is over!).

Please remember, this Super Early Bird offer expires February 15 at midnight ET (sorry, no exceptions) Special Limited Bonus: if you sign up for the early bird discount, you will receive the 8 DVD set, Your Miraculous Self, as a gift. It is the full video recording of the first 2 days of a Energetic NLP Level 1 workshop in London. It normally sells for, so it is like receiving an extra discount of $390!!!

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Act soon to recieve  special super early bird discount expires on Friday, February 15, at midnight ET


Still deciding to participate? Art explains more about Energetic NLP and the benefits to you of participating in the amazing Level 1 program

Its better full screen, click on the play arrow and then just click on the YouTube symbol on the bottom right corner of the video.



 Art was featured in the premiere  NLP Magazine Rapport


special offer

Have you already attended a 4 day Energetic NLP Level 1 program?

People consistently tell me that repeating Level 1 is an amazing experience. They get so much more out of it the second time.

Click here if you want to attend the program again at a very special early bird discount! This is ONLY for people who attended a previous Level 1 program

Click here ONLY if you have already graduated from a 4 day Energetic NLP Level 1 Training Program


Art Giser is a fine person as well as being a truly gifted teacher and healer. We have seen and experienced the deep changes that can occur as a result of his fascinating work. He blends energy work with powerful NLP patterning about as well as it can be done. We both recommend his training and his work.”Tim Hallbom (president) and Kris Hallbom (co-director and coach)
The NLP and Coaching Institute of California

“Art Giser’s work powerfully combines NLP and energy utilization. He guides the individual to new levels of awareness that create a pathway to deeper connections with the instinctual self.” Ann Gardner, Ph.D.
NLP Trainer

Based on my personal experience, I believe Art Giser to be a gifted healer with a down to earth perspective. I am not qualified to judge whether their work is truly ‘psychic” ­nor do I care about that. An NLP practitioner with an open mind can significantly enhance his or her awareness and effectiveness by studying with him.Tamara Andreas
, NLP Trainer & Author

“I met Art 18 years ago. We had both studied psychic and human development for many years already. Immediately we began an exciting collaboration that has grown more and more exciting. I have observed Art becoming ever more skillful, powerful and effective; synthesizing meditative disciplines from the East and the West, and even from South America, into a unique, extraordinarily helpful system. Art stays grounded and adventurous, practical and visionary; and can communicate all this information clearly and directly.” John Friedlander, 
Author of Basic Psychic Development: A User’s Guide to Auras, Chakras & Clairvoyance

“I have had the privilege of knowing Art for more than 20 years. In all my interactions with him, I have found Art to be a man of integrity, intelligence, skill and heart. In addition, Art has tremendous versatility. He can address the delicate personal and emotional terrain of human emotions and at the same time stay focused on achieving practical outcomes. I am frequently called upon to make referrals for a variety of coaching and consulting request and Art is always at the very top of my list. I wholeheartedly recommend him as a trainer, coach, consultant and practitioner. Whatever the situation is, Art will be able to help!” Robert Dilts,  a leading developer of NLP and author of 14 books on applications of NLP

           “Energetic NLP fits perfectly with NLP – when you are helping someone release an emotion or a trauma then adding
some energetic release enables them to get great results instantly, for once the emotion has really left you
energetically there is no possibility of it returning. Energetic NLP offers you the ability to coach at a whole new level,
you can help clients get remarkable new insights.”

“To learn the skill to release energy that is trapped in your body and has been for some time, has a profound effect on your health. It is so simple and yet so profound. I know what it is like to pick up other people’s negative energy in the course of doing invaluable work with them; our own protection is essential to our health and well-being. Art’s method of delivery is fun, insightful and illuminating. I have learnt much about myself, and developed invaluable skills for my clients.” Olive Hickmott
, Health and Wellness Coach



“Art is a brilliant teacher /trainer and a wonderful person. He humour. It is a real enjoyment to attend his workshops.” – Gabriele Asteriti,  Italy



“Art has an easy and fun way of demonstrating techniques that help you to get rid of “stuff” and to make your life better. It suits everyone and it is astonishing how much you can learn in a few days – probably because Art’s approach is so experiential”Jo Lynn, London

“A truly life changing experience (this one really is!) and everyone will get enormous benefit ( and lots of fun along the way)”Judith Hanson, Kettering



“I have done many workshops with other healers/self-improvement instructors and what makes Art shine above them all is his integrity and authenticity. The workshops are small and intimate with lots of practical hands on exercises and tools that you can take into your everyday life. Art is committed to helping transform your life and is generous about letting you share his knowledge with others. Plus its rare that an instructor will have dinner with attendees but Art does! “– Rona Magnay, London



“ENLP has really been transformational in my life and has helped me to become more authentic, peaceful and fulfilled. I love its ability to touch and connect with everyone who is open to it and have integrated it completely in my work with young people and corporates. Thank you Art! “– Genevieve Boast, London