Energetic NLP
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Energetic NLP Level 2

Please Note: This program is only for people who have take then Level 1 Energetic NLP Program.

This is a 4- day live training with Art Giser in which you will build upon what you learned in Level 1 to take your Energetic NLP tools and abilities to a new level.


Energetic NLP Level 2 continues the spiritual and personal journey that you started in Level 1.

You realize by now that the concepts, processes, tools, and topics of the Energetic NLP are only a small portion of what you will gain through being in the programs.


This is a 4-day live training with Art Giser in which you will take your Energetic NLP tools to a new level.

So why come to Level 2?

The main reason of course is that it will enhance your spiritual journey through life on many levels and in many ways.

  • You will increase your mastery of Energetic NLP and confidence in yourself
  • You will be more guided
  • Life will be more synchronistic
  • Create a wonderful relationship with your own emotions, and other people’s too
  • Skyrocket your personal and spiritual development

Many of us still need to satisfy our logical mind, and perhaps other people with more tangible content

So For your logical mind here are some other reasons to come.

One of the major areas we heal and enhance  our your emotions. Leslie Cameron Bandler and her husband Michael were my primary mentors in NLP. I was in their study group where we refined the work Leslie, Michael, David Gordon and others had already done on emotions.

Leslie had a unique and special concept of emotions that will help you understand what emotions are really about. It gets you out of judging your own and other people’s emotions and teaches how to work with your own emotions and the emotions of people around you.


I will be presenting as a framework Leslie’s model for emotions – which includes:

  • How to uncover the unconscious message of each emotion
  • How to value every emotional state
  • How to have less of the emotional states that you dislike
  • How to have more choice about how you can express your emotions in a way that you can be proud of


We will be adding to this the Energetic NLP perspective, which will be:

  • Clearing blocks in old patterns that create unpleasant emotional states or create responses to emotional states that you’re not happy with her might be very unhappy with
  • It’ll help you have the basis for a better understanding of other people’s emotions and how to work with them.
  • There will be a lot of healing of old emotional experiences and opening up a new relationship with your emotions. One that is fluid when that involves no suppression of emotions and yet increases your ability to change emotional states.
  • Will be learning how to do the NLP technique of timelines energetically. And I have to say the afternoon we spend doing this will be worth the whole four days all by itself!
  • Another big component of the level w program is working with self-concept and self-esteem. Again this will be based on a model that was great created by Leslie and Michael. You’ll learn a whole different way of thinking about self-esteem than you ever imagined before.
  • I have been teaching people her model since 1985, and it always changes people’s lives.
  • Again will be adding Energetic NLP to her model and processes which will allow us to very deeply work with everybody’s self-concept and self-esteem.

By the end of this 4- day program you will:

  • Enhance your skills and open to new energies
  • Have a new level of self- validation and validation of others
  • Have a new self concept and a new model of self esteem
  • Have a new understanding of emotions
  • Have an increased satisfaction with life
  • Know that you can handle what life brings


Here’s what you will receive

  • Live 4 day training with Art Giser, founder of the ENLP system
  • An extensive manual so you have access the all the information in the course whenever you want to look back on it.
  • A Free pre- course group coaching teleseminar to make sure you are prepared BEFORE the program begins, so that:
  • you can get the most out of the program.
  • your skill development and personal growth begin before the program even starts!
  • 1 post- course group coaching telesession to ensure that you can and will use what you have learned to transform your life.


In these sessions Art Giser will present new material, you will get help in dealing with prob­lems or challenges, and share your aha’s and success stories with each other. You will get help with applying your new skills and talents. This will ensure that you are able to actually use the techniques in your daily life.

The follow up group coaching sessions are a highly unusual benefit, we do not know of any other training program that is so dedicated to your acquisition of the skills and transformation of your life that they offer pre and post program teleworkshops to ensure that you get the maximum benefit.

“Level 2 of the Energetic NLP course had an even more profound effect for me than Level 1, and that was amazing! I have already started to use Energetic NLP techniques with my clients, incorporating it into other healing techniques that I use and am sure that it is enhancing the benefits my clients experience. Art is such an amazing man with a wonderful gift for teaching and guiding his students and I feel privileged to have attended his courses. My sincere thanks to Art for sharing his wonderful skills. Many thanks too to Solar Events for organising the events and the teleclasses so well” Pam Lawrence, Chelmsford

The 4- day Program includes:

  • Using and building on the skills you learned in ENLP Level 1
  • Enhance your intu­ition and “knowing”
  • Increasing your clair­voy­ance and clairaudience
  • Opening to new energies
  • Using white energy
  • Harmonizing Chakras, including the upper and lower out- of- body chakras
  • A simple and effec­tive tech­nique for validating yourself and others
  • Opening to more per­mis­sion to be your true self
  • Increase your open­ness to receive
  • Learn about emotions, their structure and the messages they bring
  • Clear unhelpful pro­gram­ming around specific emotions
  • A new model of self concept and self esteem
  • Learn a powerful energetic timeline technique
  • Download information from Akashic Records
  • More releasing Karma, your own and your clients’
  • How to clear ener­getic contracts
  • Toning