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Prosperity and Abundance: Energetic NLP Monthly Teleseminars

Almost everyone in these times of economic uncertainty is
feeling a strong need to increase their abundance and prosperity

This is an area that lots of people have requested more help and support with, and in these sessions Art will bring in energies to help you
clear blocks, programming and Karma that is holding you back from enjoying the abundance you deserve. He will be bringing in wonderful new energies to
help you with attracting abundance and manifesting your goals.

We are very happy and excited to announce the Energy of Abundance sessions


What are they?

These are monthly calls with 2 replays  to give you a chance to listen to them if you miss the original broadcast. And even
better yet, you can listen to them again to accelerate your progress.

How do they work?

There will be little talking on these calls – and the energies will  be very powerful!.

  • Each session we will work with powerful energies to
  • Clear blocks to prosperity and abundance
  • Open up your abilities to use universal energies to create abundance

What is the advantage of doing a series of

  • Many blocks to abundance and prosperity exist in layers of issues, limiting beliefs,
    programming, karm,  and emotions..  A series of sessions will allow you to peel the layers until there is
    nothing left. Energetic NLP is very powerful work. People can only release so many layers each session. Trying to clear too  many layers at one time can be counterproductive. Its like trying to run 10 miles when you haven’t been exercising for years:  you may be able to do it, but you may then be sore for a few days, and acutally slow your overall progress.
  • Because we will be doing these every month, you will build up a velocity and momentum that
    will propel you into more abundance and prosperity.
  • You will have the spiritual and energetic support of everyone on the call.

We will also be able to work with different energies in the different sessions, so that we can concentrate at times on particular aspects of abundance, prosperity, and manifesting your hearts desires.

 The series is sponsored by Solar Events. You can get all the information or register by clicking the the link below: