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Writers: Energetic NLP For Writers- Free Teleworkshop

For writers and those of you who dream and fantasize about being a real writer!

Do you really want to be a prolific, joyful, persuasive, and talented writer?

Dear Writer,

You are invited to a very special f-ree teleworkshop on Wednesday for writers, “want to be writers”, and people who want to open their ability to write.

We will be using Energetic NLP processes and the group energy to:

  • Change perfectionism, one of the biggest blocks to writing

  • Clear limiting beliefs and programming that interfere with our ability to write prolifically and beautifully

  • Open up our creative and abilities to write effectively

  • Open up our abilities to write with impact and to connect with the reader.

  • Clear perfectionism and other blocks to writing

  • Connect with the joy of writing

  • Starting

  • Sustaining writing

  • Finishing

  • “Energizing” your writing

  • Connect with the energy of great writers

People tell us that they are amazed at how Art can accurately and remotely”read” their energy durring the session and offer them specific help.

We will see how much progress we can make on all of these goals in the session. I know that we can do significant work in this short period of time.

This is for anyone who does write or wants to writer whether it is non-fiction, fiction, or scripts.


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Would you like be a proflicifc, and talented writer? Would you like to be able to start writing, maintain the state of writing, and finish what you begin?

Join Art Giser, the creator of Energetic NLP, for this brand new workshop. This is the first time that Art has run this program and it promises to be an amazing session. Don’t miss it!

You will have a chance to ask questions and get personal help with some of your life opportunities and challenges.

People tell us that they are amazed at how Art can read their energy over the phone and offer them specific help.