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Magnetic Abundance: Thank you For Ordering the Energetic NLP Package

Thank you for ordering the Energetic NLP Special Offer from Find Your Infinite Magnetic Abundance With the Top Spiritual Experts!

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To participate in the Energy of Abundance Sessions:

Email  Jemma Prittie at with the code “Magnetic Abundance Offer”, and let her know that you registered for the Magnetic Abundance Offer, and she will enroll you in the program for 6 months.

Workshop Tickets for a One Day Energetic NLP workshop

We are constantly adding workshops to our US and UK schedules. Your tickets are good for 1 year from the time you purchused this package. We will adding summer and fall workshops in San Francisco, Los Angeles,Tucson, and London soon.When you see a workshop you wish to attend email if it is in the United States, or for London, email Jemma at  You will find the US workshops at and the London wrokshops at www.So

Here are the links to download your videos and audios:

Opening to Spiritual Help

Emotional Freedom Workshop

 Create a wonderful Year

How to Have an Amazing 2012



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