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One to one Energetic NLP Telephone Session

Art is a master of remote transformative and healing energetic work.  He “sees” 95% of his clients over the telephone (in the ENLP training programs, everyone learns how to do remote energy work).

These sessions are very powerful and effective.

For more information on sessions, email Art at and please put “session” in the subject line.

Secret Sessions

Why do secret sessions?

Some people are not open to energetic transformative work because:

  • They are too young to really understand.

  • They are not  consciously open to receiving help.

  • They (mistakenly) think  that energy work is unscientific.

It is very important to get someone’s permission before doing transformative work, but it doesn’t have to be from their conscious mind. If their spirit gives permission, than that is enough.

  • Secret sessions are when I work with someone you care about,  without your asking for their conscious permission.

  • I have done these sessions with people’s children, spouses, friends, lovers, family, and co-workers.

  • I will only work to the extent that I get permission from their spirit to do so!

  • I will work with them on what their spirit wants and needs, not what you think they need to help or “fix” them.

How does it work?

  • I connect with the client on a spiritual level, and find out if I have their spirit’s permission to work with them.

    • If they do not five me permission, than we cancel the sessions.

    • I let their spirit and inner wisdom guide the work, so that it is right for them.

  • We discuss how Energetic NLP is helping the client.

People often report to me wonderful life improvements in the client! Secret sessions can be done with anyone you care about. To schedule a secret session, or to find out more about them, email  Please put “Session” in the subject line!

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