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What You Absolutely NEED to Know About Your Energy

Energetic NLP Teleworkshop:

What You Absolutely NEED to Know About Your Energy Field

Energetic NLP  In 10 Minutes a Day.

Do you have 10 minutes a day to transform your life?

Learning how to work with your energy system is absolutely essential to living a successful, joyful, healthy and profoundly satisfying life.

After you have learned these simple, powerful, life changing concepts and processes, you won’t believe how you lived without them.

Join the creator of the Energetic NLP system, Art Giser, in this recording  to experience simple, effective, and powerful ENLP processes that effect positive changes in your life.

This is a workshop and you will be doing powerful and effective processes during the session. So join us if you want to have fewer problems and want to live a more authentic and profoundly satisfying life.

People are amazed at how powerful the energies are on these calls and how the tools can be used in as little as 10 minutes a day for lasting benefit.

Who is this for? It is for you if:

  • It is a must for therapists, doctors, nurses, dentist, and consolers: anyone who works with people that are in mental, emotional, spiritual, or physical distress
  • It is a must for  business, leaders, and people in sales
  • It is a must for entertainers, people in relationships, and for families
  • If  you yearn to have a more authentic and profoundly satisfying life

It is primarily for people that are new to Energetic NLP, and people who are experienced in Energetic NLP will also find it to be very valuable.

You can participate either on the webpage, or over the telephone, which ever is most convenient for you.

Never listen to these sessions in a moving automobile!!!! The work is very powerful and causes deep inner change. So listen when it is safe to go deeply inside yourself.




You can still participate with the replay!

You can still participate using the replay if you sign up! People constantly tell us that they are amazed at how powerful and effective the rebroadcast sessions are! Just sign up below. The next section telling you about Art Giser.




 Who is Art Giser?

The creator of Energetic NLP, Art Giser is an internationally renowned teacher, intuitive and healer.

Art’s gift is in helping people open their hidden abilities and integrate their inner wisdom and spirit into their daily lives. Art leads people to discover how amazing they truly are, and to be healthier, successful, and to contribute more to the world, and enjoy life.

 Art’s unique background: NLP trainer, medical researcher; consultant to major corporations in leadership; 29 years of study and development in the fields of NLP, spirituality, life coaching, healing, and intuition development.

Art is known for the joy, humor and compassion that he brings to his work; his ability to simplify complex ideas; and his magical ability to help people release old programming, emotions and limiting beliefs and tap into their Miraculous Self.

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